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Sleep Tent

The perfect cold weather sleeper for your bird. Snuggly warm fleece inside and durable cotton flannel on the outside. Lined with all natural cotton batting for extra insulation. All fabrics are quilted together for the safety of your bird. If a bird chews a small hole in this tent it can't get between the layers and get in danger. Always watch for any sign of chewing and remove if necessary. Bottom is reinforced, machine washable delicate, air dry.


Flip Flops
Jungle Fern
Sweet Dreams
Mellow Yellow 
 Girly Girl
Tropical Flower
Bluebird of Happiness
Flock Toss
Small: Love birds, Parakeets $14.50 Medium: Conures, Cockatiels $22.50
Fabric Choice
Fabric Choice

Super Saver Sale!!!!

When I add new fabric there is always a yard or two of fabric that gets stored. The storage is full so for a limited time I am offering medium sleep tents for $16.95. You have to let me choose which fabric I make your sleep tent out of is the only catch. Medium Size Only.


Super Saver Sleep Tents $16.95

Sleep tents are not returnable.