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Rattle Trap

We took all the girls favorite toys and combined them into a super toy. They just squeal with delight when playing with this toy. Pear quik link included.

Rattle Trap $9.50




This is one sweetheart of a toy! Bright neon heats hung with gobs of chain. Pear quik link and a nickel plated bell.

Valentine $6.50

Bottle Brush Toy

Veggie tanned leather, marbella shapes, pony beads, a bright pacifier and a shiny cow bell. Over ten inches of chewing and bell ringing fun.

Bottle Brush $8.50


Crunchy pecan circles, fun tilty tops, veggie tanned leather, a copper cow bell and bright plastic chain.

Tilt-a-Whirl $9.50

Chips & Salsa

Something for the happy chewer. Veggie tanned leather, cottonwood coins, big and small plastic chain and a big, fat cow bell.

Chips & Salsa $12.50
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