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Nooks! Why in the world did we call this toy a "nook" you ask? Around here its a snuggle companion, preening partner or a nook nook. This is the perfect companion for the single bird as a cage mate to preen, a buddy to snuggle with and lots of play time.


We now offer Nooks in three sizes so no matter how small or how large you parrot is we have the perfect size for them. Our next generation of Nooks are now made of fleece. Why fleece? Fleece is more huggable, it doesn't fray and its much easier to clean. Most spills roll right off fleece and there is no absorption. When you wash a fleece Nook it comes out as fluffy and fresh as the day it arrived.
Itty Bitty

Four inches of best buddy for Cockatiels, Lovebirds and Quaker sized birds. All material are brand new and cuddly, huggable soft. A nickel plated (no zinc) pear quick link added for hanging.

Color options below. $8.50

Fabric Choice

Perfect for your medium sized parrot, Senegals, Pionus and Conures adore this six inches of fun. You can't see it because of the fluffiness but the is a nickel plated liberty bell at the bottom and a nickel plated (no zinc) pear quick link for hanging.

Color options below. $14.50

Fabric Choice

Almost a foot of companion and cage mate for Cockatoos, Amazons and Macaws. We've added a larger nickel plated (no zinc) quick link and a big, fat bell for super size fun. Our customers tell us its love at first site for their large birds.

Color options below. $22.50

Fabric Choice
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