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Who better to answer questions than resident sun conures, Novie and Calle.

Hey, how long do you guys live?
Novie:With a well trained human, usually 25 to 30 years.
Calle:The more pizza and cookies we eat, the longer we live.

Whats a wing clip and why should I do this to my bird?
Novie: Wing clipping is cutting the primary flight feathers. It doesn't hurt and it keeps us safe from flying into things.
Calle: We get cookies after a clip too.

I'm saving up my allowance to buy a baby sun conure, how much money do I need?
Novie: It depends. Anywhere from $200 to $600 depending on where you go. Breeders are usually the lower end of the scale and what we would recommend.
Calle: When you shop for a baby take plenty of cookies and treats with you.

You guys seem to type great but do you talk?
Novie: We speak a few words of human but have an extensive aratinga vocabulary.
Calle: Novie has an evil giggle.

Whats the color different between female and male sun conures?
Novie: None. Females and males are identical in color.
Calle: Females usually prefer sausage pizza.

What do you guys do for fun?
Novie: I unusually start my day with a tummy and beak rub and foot massage followed by some play time. After my nap, I throw around some toys and look for my human to come and play with me. Then its cookie and nap time. I spend the afternoon splashing in the water bowl and preening. Early evening I'm usually taking inventory of my toys and looking to see if my human remembers my popcorn snack before bedtime.
Calle: Did you say its cookie time???

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*This column is written with attempted humor and love.